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Online Fortune Card Reading
This promotion is only valid for online requests! Promotion ends at 30 September 2009!

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Fortune Card Reading

Many people have asked me what can Fortune Card Reading really do? My answer to them is always that it can tell you many details of things that you can least expected. With a deck of poker cards, one can use it to do divination on questions that are usually difficult to answer with other forms of divination methods like Palm Reading, Four Pillar Analysis, Face Reading, etc.

Fortune Card Reading is similar to the term "Cartomancy" in the western world. Cartomancy dates back to the 14th century in the western world. There are many books on Poker Cards Reading in the market and not all of them are universal in their interpretations of the cards. The Fortune Card Reading techniques that I use is actually derived from the famous Chinese classic "Yi Jing" (易经). However, I have been using it for such a long time that I am no longer using it like the way it was first taught to me. Many of the interpretation techniques that I used are permutations of my own based on those few techniques that I learnt initially. For example, initially, when I learn how to do comparison of two or more items, I was taught only to use a pair of cards to represent each item. However, after further explorations, I realised that I can use more cards to expand on each representation and provide more details of each compared items. This not only allows me to see the comparison clearly, it also provides the needed details of each item compared.

When one learns about a technique of divination, one must not stop at the point where the knowledge was taught. One will need to further research and test the theory and expand the concept in order to reach a higher level of knowledge. This will help one to grow in their skill and wisdom. With the correct development and further research on Fortune Card Reading, I have managed to develop my own set of reading techniques that are no documented anywhere and that are very accurate. It can help us in directing our attention to the right place. In this way, we can have the highest possible efficiency to our problems.

Few months ago, a client of mine wanted to know his negotiation outcome and approach for a house that he is buying. The owner was not only asking for a higher cash amount than usual (for that type of house), he was also asking for a higher amount of deposit and a longer period of free stay in that house even after the whole buying and selling transaction has been completed (once the buying and selling transaction is completed, technically speaking, the house will be owned by my client and he has every right to decide not to let the previous owner to stay in that house).

Due to such terms and conditions (which are very unfavourable for my client), my client sought me out to help him to see what will be the outcome if he was to reject all the request, or modify the request, or simply submit to the request. With the help of the cards, we know that by adjusting the request or rejecting the request will not let the deal go through and it seems that the house owner is very persistent in getting his ways. However, I noticed from the cards that this house owner is actually in great need for money for treatment of some illnesses for someone in the family.

Thus my client took my advise and got his housing agent to probe the owner for more information on that lead. After understanding that the sister of the owner was suffering from some serious women's health problem, my client managed to contact one of his well trusted friend (who is an expert of this field) to help to provide a second opinion for the owner's sister. With such a gesture, the owner finally reduced his demands and they managed to close the deal at the cash value that my client requested. At the same time, the owner's sister does not need to undergo a major operation that they initially intended to, this was because the second opinion they got from my client's friend suggested a less intrusive treatment method. Last I heard was that the patient was reacting well to the treatment and things were improving for her.

At times, when we are at the end of our wits, consulting the cards can reveal some information that may be far-fetched, but yet useful in getting what we want. I have helped countless clients in making a more informed decision and also directed them to the right place to look at how to resolve their problems. This form of divination method is not really used as a form of prediction or provide a prophecy. It is to be used to help us look at the possiblilities of each problem in question and make a better decision from there.


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SGD$10 Only!
Online Fortune Card Reading
This promotion is only valid for online requests! Promotion ends at 30 September 2009!

Send your questions NOW!


    Please read the terms and conditions before paying.

    Terms and Conditions for Promotional Fortune Card Reading

  • Each reading is only limited to two questions.
  • Each person is only entitled to one reading per month at this discounted price. Direct engagement with Master Chuan for a full Fortune Card Reading will be available by appointment at SGD$48
  • Please be as specific as possible for your question. If you have supporting questions that will help to clarify your original question, you may add them in your comments section.
  • Other than the reply that will be sent to you, there will only be a maximum of two additional free followup reply via email. Any further emails after that followup will be chargeable at additional SGD$10 per question.
  • Master Chuan will send you a picture of the what the cards reveal and a short report for the question you asked. (Check out here for sample Fortune Cards Readings)
  • When you ask the question, it will be good if you can provide some details of the situation that you are in which is related to the question you are asking. This will greatly help in the analysis and interpretation of the cards.
  • As there are many requests that Master Chuan needs to process due to the current promotion, please give about 2 working days for Master Chuan to reply to you.
  • If you are just intending to test the skills of Master Chuan for the purpose of testing him, then you are advised to spend your time doing something more constructive. The reading will never be accurate if you have that kind of intention. This service is meant for people who have genuine questions and genuine problems. It is extended at this price for a right purpose. So do not waste each others time and money by doing something stupid.
  • When your payment is completed, you will be brought to a new page, there will be a form to fill in your questions and comments on your question.
  • If you do not see a page for filling in your question after making your payment, please notify Master Chuan at mail address immediately.
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