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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Four Pillar / Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology) Analysis

Brief introduction to Chinese Four Pillars

When we do a Chinese Four Pillars analysis, we have to look at a person's life in three main layers. The first is the original birth date and time, which is commonly known as the Four Pillars or Eight Characters. Each Pillar contains two characters. And the Four Pillars actually refers to the Year, Month, Day and Time pillars. Thus we have Four Pillars and Eight Characters. In layman's term, you can also call this the main chart.

Sample Four Pillar (Bazi) Chart

Based on the Five Element, Yin and Yang Theory, these eight characters would determine the basic personality traits of a person and we can also determine the level of good and bad qualities within this person. At the same time, we can determine information like how smart is this person, how caring is this person, how is the relationship between himself and the people near him, how much wealth he will have in his life time, etc. Next is the quality of the formations and with the interactions of each character we can determine the strength and weakness of the individual's body, internal and external. Thus we can also determine the health inclinations.

The second layer of analysis is the interactions of the Ten Year Luck Cycle with the basic chart. With two more Chinese characters introduced (each pair of character for each ten year cycle), we can see how the elements in the characters would affect the main chart. From these interactions, we can tell how the energy flows and at the same time, we can determine the types of incidents that may happen together with health predictions.

The third layer would be the inclusion of the Yearly Cycle. This works very similarly to the Ten Year Luck Cycle. With the introduction of two more characters to the existing eight plus two, we get the interactions of all ten characters. This is why we can tell so much with such analysis.

All these analysis are considered ¡§macro¡¨ analysis. We can also go into ¡§micro¡¨ analysis by looking at the Monthly Cycle, Daily Cycle and even the Bi-hourly Cycle. However, such knowledge is only meant to be a guide and not to be treated like a form of rules to be followed. If we were to calculate every single hour and live according to such information, our life would be so meaningless and that would be considered by some as losing your own ¡§Freewill¡¨. We are conscious beings that are able to make decisions, thus these information are meant to help and guide us on our decision making, not as a rule that dictate the way we live.

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