ate harmony in your house and improve your wealth and health, what is your weakness, use Traditional Chinese Feng Shui to design your house">
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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Feng Shui Introduction

Master Chuan's Philosophy

Master Chuan believes in using the external and internal energies of our daily environment to obtain an optimal harmony in our work and living space. With many years of experience and using various schools of thought in Feng Shui (Fei Xing, San Yuan, San He, Wu Chang Pai, etc.) Master Chuan aims at solving common problems in areas like Wealth, Health, Relationship and Work of a person by applying the knowledge of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has often been seen as a traditional discipline that requires major knocking and changing of the living and working space in order to achieve desired result. However, Master Chuan strongly believes in using recommendations that will fit into the design concept and budget of the families' or offices' modern and contemporary theme. Master Chuan will match the usage of the space with the classical Feng Shui knowledge and recommend the best way to utilise the space for any specific purpose.

Besides normal space allocation, Master Chuan would also analyse the birth date and time (Ba Zi [八字]) information of the household occupants or the top management of a company to allocate better usage of the space in order to further enhance the energies of each individuals.


What is Feng Shui?
Harmony of environment Feng Shui or Geomancy is a traditional classical knowledge that has been practised by the Chinese for many centuries. Feng Shui used to be a very well guarded knowledge and were only passed from generations to generations or only to very few trusted persons. In antiquity, such knowledge were only passed on by mouth and no written records were supposed to be done. However, time has changed and currently, there are many popular Feng Shui books and theories out there which are easily available to the general public. Feng Shui is an art that involves more than these common books that one can get hold of easily in the public. A detailed Feng Shui analysis of the house involves many layers of considerations like understanding the favourable elements of the occupants, understanding the incoming and outgoing "Qi" of the house, knowing the actual distribution of the "Qi" within the house, identifying the negative and positive energies of each section of the house in terms of the "Period" distribution, identifying the energies of each section of the house in terms of the yearly distribution, knowing the remedies for internal and external problematic sectors, knowing the correct usage of the sector for enhancement of wealth, health, relationship and work, etc. There are many more considerations that a master has to analyse before he can give any Feng Shui recommendations to a client.

The basic objective of Feng Shui is to create harmony and balance of energies of the environment (internal and external) to achieve general well being and "luck" of the occupants. Such well being can be for wealth, health, relationships, work, children, knowledge, power, etc. Feng Shui is a form of metaphysical studies that has nothing to do with any specific religious practices. There are many people from different countries and different ethnic groups or religions who have used Feng Shui successfully without having to do any specific religious ceremony. Feng Shui involves the understanding of the environmental energies and how we can harness these internal and external environmental energies to allow the occupants to enjoy these harmonious energies.

There are five main factors that commonly mentioned in the Chinese culture that result in the "good life" of a person,?"一命二运三风水,四积德五读书".

The above states that "First is your Life (命), Second is your Fate (运), Third is your Feng Shui (风水), Fourth is Accumulating Merits (积德) and Fifth is Learning (读书)"

Life () refers to your birth date and time information (Ba Zi [八字]) and this would determine to a certain extent what type of life you will be leading and how good your life will be. However, by knowing about your life and making correct decisions at certain point, one can avoid pitfalls and optimise their returns in life correctly.

Fate () refers to the luck cycle that direct ones' life. Generally, it is believed that this luck cycle goes up and down depending on the type of life you are supposed to have based on your birth date and time. It is also commonly believed that Feng Shui enhancement can also help to steer these luck to a better or even a good cycle.

Man made objects and Qi

Feng Shui- Man made objects and the flow of "Qi" (Energy)

Feng Shui (风水) refers to the harnessing of the environmental energies to create a balance between the five elements and "Qi" of an environment. "Qi" () refers to the cosmic energies that emerges from all matter, living or non living, natural or man made. In classical Feng Shui, it is also believed that these energies have certain behavioural characteristics at any given time, space, and conditions. It is with the knowledge to decipher such energies that allows the Feng Shui Master to know how to optimise the harmony of the energies.
Accumulating merits (积德) refers to the fact that one must continuously do good deeds for others and oneself with the correct frame of mind (unconditional giving) such that these good energies that one gives will some how return to oneself in some ways. This is also what most believed that it can help to change one's life totally for the better.
Learning (读书) is referring to proper education (beyond the normal academic sense) in various discipline where one can improve one's knowledge in order to be a better person. Ancient Chinese believed that knowledge and wisdom is a form of power and a knowledgeable person is often associated to becoming a high official who will normally hold high power and good wealth. Thus prosperity is also closely linked to knowledge and wisdom.

Feng Shui is only part of the factors that help to enhance and change the life of a person. Thus besides having a Feng Shui audit done for one's home or commercial premise, it is also essential for one to look into the other aspects of a person's life to see how we can improve our overall well being. <br>

Master Chuan's Feng Shui services

  • Feng Shui Audit for HDB / Private or commercial property
  • Feng Shui activation of the wealth corner of the house (财位)
  • Using Feng Shui to improve health of the whole family or a particular person
  • Using Feng Shui to improve sleep quality of children
  • Using Feng Shui to activate the study corner of children (文昌位)
  • Using Feng Shui to plan the space usage in a house or office
  • Creating harmony within the home and office
  • Feng Shui Courses
  • Feng Shui talks for corporate and other organisations
  • Short Feng Shui courses for small events

>>Testimonials of clients who consulted Master Chuan<<

Consultation Charges:

HDB Flats  
3 Rooms SGD $488
4 Rooms SGD $588
5 Rooms SGD $788
Executives SGD $888
All sizes SGD$988 (and above)
(Usual price at minimum $988, or $1.80 psf)
Private Landed Property SGD $1088 and above
(Usual price at minimum $1088, or $1.80 psf)
Commercial Property (approx $1.80 psf, Depending on size of property and involvement of the project. Please call to enquire.) SGD $688 and above

The above Feng Shui packages comprise of the following:

1. Wealth Position 财位
2. Bed positioning (个人床位)
3. Wen Chang Position 文昌位 (plays an important role in affecting one's career or academic studies)
4. The Evil Position 戊己大煞位 (affects one's health, career and wealth the most)
5. Secondary Wealth Position 贵人位 (also known as Benefector position)
6. The Importance of the stove (The Kitchen is an extremely important home position in the perspective of Geomancy)
7. Feng Shui Annual Star 2015 流年飞星  
8. Feng Shui Colour Guide/Tips 家居的颜色
9. Feng Shui Bagua - Missing areas
10. Adjusting balance of the Five Elements in the house
11. Reducing internal and external negative energies
12. Improving health for occupants

The consultation fees also include provision of auspicious dates for starting renovation 动土日子, moving house 入伙移徒 and placement of Feng Shui items.

Please contact Master Chuan for other charges details*

Tel: +(65) 981 88 981

* Private consultations are available from

Mon-Fri 11am to 10pm,

Sat -Sun 9am to 8pm.

Strictly by appointments only.

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