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Feng Shui remedies in a famous hotel in Singapore

Feng Shui for Hotel

Scaled model of the Hotel showing the flow of
traffic in red.

Feng Shui Hotel front

Actual picture of the hotel entrance receiving the
Sha Qi from the traffic junction. However, this hotel
is still doing very well! Feng Shui at work.

Feng Shui Remedies for Hotel

Feng Shui remedies for a famous hotel in Singapore by having a big foyer space at the entrance area.

When a building is situated in a corner with both sides of the traffic coming towards it directly (see the diagram attached with the red arrows showing the direction of the one way traffic), it will suffer from the fast moving energy that rushes into its entrance.

Like this famous hotel in Singapore, it has the opening of the main door facing the traffic junction directly. Typically, this is a very unfavourable position to have a door opening as the rushing energy of the vehicles will cause a lot of instability to the hotel. However, with a correct design of the internal space (which the hotel did design it according to the correct Feng Shui theory), the hotel will be able to harness the Sha Qi(煞气) and convert it into harmonious energy which will generate good business.

If you ever go into that hotel, you will notice that the entrance area is designed in a way which is opposing most marketing and sales concept. In traditional marketing and sales concept, we would want to optimise every single possible income generating space from a building. This also means that any open space that we can optimise to rent it out, we would want to be able to do that. However, in this particular hotel, once you enter the main door facing the traffic junction, you will only see a vast foyer space with a water feature in the middle.

This is a typical method used by many hotels and commercial space to help to mediate the Sha Qi (煞气) from the external of the building. At the same time, this open space will help to radiate its energy to the other parts of the building in a very gentle way. Of course, there are more Feng Shui planning and design other than the vast foyer space. However, the vast foyer space is one of the key factor for mediating the Sha Qi. Once this foyer space is being occupied by shops and too much clutter (huge displays or other large objects), the good energy will no longer be able to radiate to the other parts of the building. Thus the design of such places has to be carefully planned such that it will help to harness the good energy of the specific location.

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  • Feng Shui Audit for HDB / Private or commercial property
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  • Using Feng Shui to improve health of the whole family or a particular person
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HDB Flats  
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(Usual price at minimum $788, or $1.20 psf)
Private Landed Property SGD $888 and above
Commercial Property (approx $1.20 psf, Depending on size of property and involvement of the project. Please call to enquire.) SGD $688 and above

The above Feng Shui packages comprise of the following:

1. Wealth Position 财位
2. Bed positioning (个人床位)
3. Wen Chang Position 文昌位 (plays an important role in affecting one's career or academic studies)
4. The Evil Position 戊己大煞位 (affects one's health, career and wealth the most)
5. Secondary Wealth Position 贵人位 (also known as Benefector position)
6. The Importance of the stove (The Kitchen is an extremely important home position in the perspective of Geomancy)
7. Feng Shui Annual Star 2013 流年飞星  
8. Feng Shui Colour Guide/Tips 家居的颜色
9. Feng Shui Bagua - Missing areas
10. Adjusting balance of the Five Elements in the house
11. Reducing internal and external negative energies
12. Improving health for occupants

The consultation fees also include provision of auspicious dates for starting renovation 动土日子, moving house 入伙移徒 and placement of Feng Shui items.

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