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Fortune (Poker) Card Reading

Fortune Cards Reading is derived from the theory of Yi-Jing (易经) and it is a technique which helps to reveal the possibilities of things to us. Based on the philosophy of Yi Jing (易经), by looking at the different indications given by a set of poker cards layout will help to direct us to the correct place of focus and take actions against our problem effectively. Instead of looking at every possible direction for a solution, a set of poker card layout can sometimes help us to narrow down our choices or even narrow down the possible problematic point of an issue. If we are trying to look for a lost object, we will not need to search every direction, a set of poker cards layout may help to direct you to the most possible point to search and help to eliminate the unnecessary places to look at.

In a reading, each card has a representation, and each suit also has its own representation. For example, the Hearts refers to things associated with love, passion and direct wealth. A number 6 will refer to changes, migration or movements to places. With different representation and combination of the meanings of each suit, we can based on the layout of the cards to do a detailed reading.

Fortune Card Reading layout Poker Card Reading for prediction

Some people will ask about their wealth luck and I can help to direct which place is the problem to the person's wealth and what will be the likely situation that he can find his money. Fortune Card Reading can also tell if the "lack" in money is a psychological problem or a true lack in it. At times, the cards revelation are like a key to a locked door. All you need is the correct attention to the most important matter, and you will get the most efficient result.

I have been doing Fortune Card Reading for many years now and I am always amazed by the accuracy of each readings that I have done. So far, I have also conducted several Fortune Card Reading Courses and all my students were very glad that they have taken this course. It is easy to learn and apply. And the truth is that you can immediately use this skill right after you have learnt it. It is not only easy and structured, it is also very useful in providing answers in situation where other form of fortune telling will need much detailed analysis.

For example, there was once a client of mine wanted to know what will be the possible outcome of a multi-million dollar deal that he was negotiating at that time. From the cards, I can see that it was not going to have a positive outcome. However, based on several questions that he asked and the additional readings from the Fortune Cards, I managed to help him to narrow down on the possible issues (which in this case was the quality of the resources that he is using) and direct him to pay more focus on what he can do in order to give him an edge on his negotiations. At the same time, the Fortune Cards also indicated that it will be better if he can let his partner do the majority of the talking during the negotiations while he gives support at the side.

The whole idea of that exercise was to help him in getting proper directions and giving him constructive guides on where he should focus his attention on. In fact, from my readings, he totally agreed that what I pointed out (without his additional inputs while I was reading his cards representation) were totally correct and he did initially wanted to go ahead with the negotiations without improving his resources because he wanted to get the deal closed faster. With my Fortune Cards Readings, he was convinced that he should give himself more time in preparing his resources before he proceeds with his next negotiations.

    What are the common questions people use Fortune Cards to answer?
  • I have lost something (someone), where can I find it?
  • I have a job offering right now, should I take it?
  • How is my wealth luck for the next twelve months?
  • I have a job offering from two companies, which one will be better?
  • There are three guys that I'm considering to have serious relationship, who should I pick?
  • There is a business opportunity coming up for me now, should I take it on?
  • Which is the best month for my wealth this year?
  • I have been very poor luck since I moved into this new place, could there be something wrong with my house? Could there problem with my house Feng Shui?
  • I've lend out some money some time ago, when can I get back the money from the person?
  • I am having problem with my relationship right now, should I stay on with this relationship?
  • I've lost my PDA 2 days ago, will I be able to find it back? Where should I find it?

Now you can learn to do this yourself easily!

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