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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Fortune Card Reading Samples

Sample case 1

I have an opportunity to partner with someone overseas to start a new business venture, do you think I will be able to make money out of it?

Cards layout

Fortune Card Reading 2

In this scenario, there are much struggle of power between the partners at the beginning stage. Each will be trying to get more authority against each other. I would suggest approaching the matter with a "Win, Win" mentality in mind instead of trying to strike for a Win, Lose" situation. It is very likely that both parties are still not very ready to go into the partnership at this stage. More preparation and negotiation may still be needed in order for a proper agreement.

If the whole venture goes ahead with the current terms and condition, the process may still be stable but you will have to be cautioned that there will be some obstacles created by someone involved in the process. Watch out for people who will intentionally sabotage the success. These sabotage will most likely happen in a hidden manner. Being diligent and careful in your work process will be able to avoid such problems.

Finally, the outcome does not seem very positive. Even though there are success, you will be stuck in the situation where either going forward or retreating backwards are both difficult decisions. (one end of it may be due to the fact that you have already invested time and effort in the venture. The other end of it is that the venture will drain more of your money if you do not pull out.) If you ask about earning money, then I'm very sure that a profit is very unlikely. You will most likely have a minor loss and will be considered lucky even if you managed to break even. The only way to counter all these potential problems is through more careful planning and budgeting of your expenses. Stringent control over the business venture's fundamentals (like financial control, marketing expenses, cost effectiveness, etc.) may be able to help you to yield a much better result.

Taking on this business venture is a high risk matter. However, if all decisions made are based on factual reasoning and calculated risk, then you are already minimising all your risk. However, if you intend to just let your gut feel lead you to the destination, then you will most likely waste your resources going in circles.

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Sample Case 2

I have been at my current job for the past 2 years. Recently I sent out my resume and three companies are offering me a job. Which one should I take?

Fortune Card Reading 2

Before I continue, you will need to have a representation in your mind for the three companies, name them number 1, 2 and 3 mentally. Once you've done so, then read on.

For the first company, you may not be ready to take on the role yet. It seems that the role may be too big or too demanding for your current capacity. The only condition that you may be able to take on the job is when the job really has a direct linkage to some old and traditional form of work. Some examples will be like agriculture, antique collection, fortune telling etc. Only in such situation then you will be able to succeed. There will be passion in the job scope and at the same time be prepared for stress and worries.

For the second company, there will be benefactors helping you and most likely a lady. At the same time, you may not see the support and assistance directly. The salary for this job is rather good too and you will most likely be able to sustain such wealth. This is a very favourable "gua" to have. There will be much authority and power that comes together with this job.

For the third company, you will get a lot of support from your subordinates and you will also be very popular with the people that you work with. Gaining support from these people is also not a problem at all. This job will help you generate the passion for your work and at the same time, they will pay you well for what you do too. With the job satisfaction and good salary package, this should be the best choice of the three.

As an additional note, no doubt the cards revealed a very skewed favouritism towards company 3, sensible and logical reasons for taking the job should still be considered while you are deciding on the job to take on. Use all divination knowledge as a form of guide and help you to make better decisions. Never solely use such knowledge on its own without considering the practical facts.

Do not try to rename the company's sequence after you first read this explanation. Whatever number you assigned to each company is fixed, do not change them simply because you prefer the explanation of one over the other. Fortune Cards Divination will not be accurate if you try to manipulate the results. The only person that you are trying to fool while manipulating the readings will only be yourself.

SGD$40 Only!

(Usual Price $50-100)
Online Fortune Card Reading
This promotion is only valid for online requests! Promotion ends at 30 June 2015!

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