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Auspicious Date Selection

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Choosing a good date to get things done has been long used by the ancient Chinese. Selecting a right date, will not only ensure a good start in the event, for certain events it can mean a matter of life and death or even affect generations after. Below are the common events that people would want to select an auspicious date.

  • Date selection are based on intricate Four Pillar analysis and calculations to determine the best possible dates within a certain period Auspicious Wedding Dates
  • For different occasions like:Auspicious Wedding Dates
    • Wedding Ceremony (Can choose dates beyond the next three years or more)Auspicious Wedding Dates
    • Opening Ceremony Auspicious Wedding Dates
    • Starting of new businesses Auspicious Wedding Dates
    • Moving-in to housesAuspicious Wedding Dates
    • Traveling overseasAuspicious Wedding Dates
    • RenovationAuspicious Wedding Dates
    • Activating Water FeatureAuspicious Wedding Dates
    • Launch of products Auspicious Wedding Dates

These dates are to be specially selected to ensure that there are no clashes between the dates and the couple and at the same time, it will not clash with the parents of the bride and groom. Thus date selection is not as simple as checking if that day is a good day, but is it a good day for the key person/s who will be involved in the event. Auspicious Wedding Dates

Using Auspicious Wedding Dates as an example, traditional Chinese wedding will have a few significant dates to look out for: Auspicious Wedding Dates

  • Exchange of dowry (过大礼)Auspicious Wedding Dates
  • Placing of wedding bed (安床)Auspicious Wedding Dates
  • Actual wedding ceremony (嫁娶)Auspicious Wedding Dates

What is included in an Auspicious Wedding Date selection?Auspicious Wedding Dates
Master Chuan will select three wedding dates for the couple based on the calculations and matches of the bride and groom's necessary information. There after the couple can go to the hotel or restaurant to check if those dates are available for their wedding dinner. Once the date is confirmed, the couple will have to get back to Master Chuan again so that he can proceed to select the dates for Exchange of Dowry (过大礼) and Placing of Wedding Bed (安床). All these dates are part of the package offered by Master Chuan. Auspicious Wedding Dates

Who should engage this service?Auspicious Wedding Dates
Couples who are planning to ROM or proceed with the wedding ceremony. Auspicious Wedding Dates

When should you engage this service?Auspicious Wedding Dates
You should engage this service when you are planning for your ROM dates or traditional customary wedding date. Preferably one year in advance as the hotel and restaurants are always booked for the more auspicious dates. Planning early can help you to save a lot of trouble. Try to plan for the auspicious date at least 6 months in advance.

Some master said that the date selection cannot go beyond the following year as the Chinese Almanac is not available yet. Is that true?
If you are relying on the common Chinese Almanac for the Auspicious date selection, then there will be such restriction. However, Master Chuan will use different references that is beyond the common almanac for his wedding date selection and the calculations can go beyond the following year. This means that if this year is 2008, Master Chuan can select auspicious date for you that is beyond 2009, 2010, 2011or even further down. He will not need to wait until the almanac of that particular year to be published before he can do a selection for your auspicious date.

What is required for the date selection

  • The couple's birth dates and time (western calendar will do, Master Chuan will convert these dates to the format he needs.)
  • Date of birth and animal horoscopes of the couple's parents (either Western or lunar calendar is fine)
  • The month and year of which the couple plans to hold the wedding (Dates can be selected up to 2015)
  • Whether the wedding needs to be held on weekdays, weekends or public holidays.
  • Generally, it will take about 2-3 working days for Master Chuan to revert on the date selection.

    What will happen next after making payment for the Auspicious Wedding Date Selection package? What is included in your package?

    • After making the payment, you will be brought to a page with a form to be filled out.
    • You will need to prepare the following information before filling up the form:
      • The couple's birth dates and time (western calendar will do, Master Chuan will convert these dates to the format he needs.)
      • Date of birth and animal horoscopes of the couple's parents (either Western or lunar calendar is fine)
      • The month and year of which the couple plans to hold the wedding (Dates can be selected up to 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
      • Whether the wedding needs to be held on weekdays, weekends or public holidays.
    • After filling up the form, Master Chuan will take about 2-3 working days to revert to you.
    • Master Chuan will send you a short report for 3 suitable dates that you can use for your wedding ceremony.
    • The format of the dates given will be like the table below:



    Chinese date



    Animal to avoid



    3/8th mth






    9/8th mth






    15/8th mth




      • Timing refers to the timing where the bride has to reach the groom's place for the ceremony and prayers to ancestors. For Christians, it will be the timing for the reverend or priest to pronouce the couple Man and Wife.
      • Rating refers to how good that day is as compared to the rest of the days provided. This rating is in direct reference to the couple invovled, not a general rating of the days being selected.
      • Animal to avoid refers to the animal sign that should not be present during the ceremony.
    • With these dates, you can then proceed to the hotel or restaurant to book your wedding dinner.
    • Once the dinner date and wedding ceremony date is set, you will have to revert to Master Chuan on the chosen date.
    • Master Chuan will then select an additional date for your exchange of dowry(过大礼) (usuallly one month before the wedding ceremony) and another date for placement of the wedding bed (安床) (usually within 10 days before the wedding ceremony).
    • All these additional dates are part of the package for the Auspicious Wedding Date Selection.
    • In the unlikely event that the dates selected by Master Chuan is not usable due to constraints of the hotel or the restaurants, additional 3 auspicious wedding date can be selected at a nominal price.

    Common FAQ for Auspicious Wedding Date Selection

    What is an auspicious date?
    In the traditional Chinese culture, for almost every task that we perform, there is always a more suitable date and time to perform it. The whole idea is to be able to tap into the auspicious energy from the universe and give you a good start or enhancement towards what you are doing. In our modern world, most of us no longer look for an auspicious date and time for our daily events, however, we should still look for an auspicious date and time for some of the major events in our lives. Some of the major events will be like Registration of Marriage, wedding ceremony, moving into a new house, starting of renovation, opening of a new shop or business, breaking ground for construction, launch of new products, etc.
    When we can select a good day and time to start an important event, we will be able to harness the auspicious energy in such a way that all things will go smoothly in the future.
    One key thing to note is not all dates are equal. An auspicious date for one task may not be auspicious for another task. At the same time, an auspicious date for wedding ceremony for one person, may not be an auspicious date for another person. There is a whole complex system in the way to calculate if a day is good or bad for a person to do certain task. Below are some common task that people will select an auspicious date to perform in the ancient Chinese culture. Today, we seldom select an auspicious date for many of these tasks.

    • Assembly of house beams
    • Bath
    • Betrothal/ Dowry Exchange
    • Bringing in farm animals
    • Capturing insect or animals
    • Collection of wealth
    • Construction of toilet
    • Digging new wells or ponds
    • Digging of grave ground
    • Distruction of houses and walls
    • Entering new home
    • Erection of pillars
    • Funeral burial
    • Ground breaking for construction
    • Making of coffin
    • Placement of bed
    • Planting corps or plants
    • Prayers
    • Prepare wood for house beams
    • Production of wine / sauce
    • Renovation
    • Repair of tomb
    • Shaving head
    • Shifting house
    • Starting business
    • Training Ox and horses
    • Travelling
    • Wedding Ceremony
    Why do we select an auspicious date?
    Selection of date is to get a good start for that event. At the same time, we want to be able to avoid the negative energies that may cause harm to ourselves and others. For example, for wedding ceremony, we want to select a good date that can balance the energy of the bride and groom such that the date will help to enhance the bonding energy between the couple. If the date is selected correctly based on their birth date and time, it can bring about harmony within the relationship and also improve the chances of bearing of children. Auspicious date selection is always used as a tool for enhancement. However, it should not be viewed as the ultimate solution for a conflicting relationship. This means that if a couple’s personality is already in a clash or have some very serious conflict, then even if they got married on a very auspicious date, the auspicious date will only help in reducing the conflict but will not be able to remove the natural conflict that is already within the couple.

    What is considered an auspicious wedding date?
    When we select the auspicious wedding date, we will need to check that it is a day that does not have any clashes with the major stakeholders. There are different levels of clashes, thus when we select the date, we will need certain information of the major stakeholders. In this case, we will need the birth date and time of the bride and groom, birth year of both sides’ parents. At the same time, in some occasions, there are grandparents and other key people that the bride and groom want to be present (god parents, foster parents or even birth parents for those who were separated from their birth parents).
    So what exactly constitute a clash? A clash can be in the form of the year pillar (年柱) or day pillar (日柱) in the Four Pillar Chart (四柱八字). When there is a clash, the energy for the day can actually have some negative impact to the person whom the clash is related to. If this clash is directly towards the couple, then marriage disharmony and fertility issues are some of the common problems that will occur. Though we can use Feng Shui remedies, practical strategies (with regards to marriage conflict) or medical intervention for such problems, most of us would want to be able to avoid such problems when ever possible.
    Besides the clash, there are a whole system and theory to be considered when selecting an auspicious wedding date. One of the very important factors is to consider the energy flow of the couple in terms of their Four Pillar Chart (四柱八字). We will need to determine the favourable and unfavourable elements and whether if the actual wedding date balances the couple’s energy. Besides that, there are certain dates that we will not select as wedding dates even if the almanac states that it is good for wedding. This is not to say that the almanac is not accurate, the fact is that the almanac is only a general guide in date selection and there are many other factors that we will need to consider in order to select a really auspicious date for a specific couple.

    Can I just choose any auspicious date that the almanac states that it is good for wedding ceremony for my own wedding?
    In the almanac, there are only a few tasks listed that is auspicious to take place for each day. Due to the limitation of the printable space allocated for each day, the almanac is not able to list out all the possible auspicious tasks for everyday. However, with some other reference books like Xie Ji Bian Fang (协纪辨方), a classical text that allows one to really calculate auspicious dates even without the almanac (in fact, the almanac was calculated based on the theory of this book), we can check if a date is good for wedding or not even if it is 5 years later. By using reference books like this, we can check if the date being selected is really suitable for wedding or for any other matters.
    As for suitability, though it may be a good day for wedding, we will still need to check with the couple’s birth date and time to ensure that the day is really suitable for the couple. What is good for a one person, may not be good for another person.

    Date selection is a rather tedious matter. No doubt you can simply select a date from the almanac, however, unless you are familiar with the Four Pillar Analysis's theories of clashes and date selection's theory of suitable and non suitable dates for different people, chances of you selecting a really auspicious date for wedding is not very high. Not all dates stated in the almanac that is good for wedding ceremony is really good for anyone.

    Why is it that some master claimed that they cannot select dates beyond certain years saying that the almanac is not out yet?
    The almanac is usually published on the 6th lunar month of every year. Each almanac will only cover the dates up to the last day of the 12th lunar month of the subsequent year (which usually falls on the January or February of the subsequent year). For example, if this year is 2008, the almanac for the Ox year will be published around July 2008 and the almanac will cover the dates from 26 January 2009 to 13 February 2010. Thus if any couple wants to select dates beyond 14 February 2010, some masters will not be able to determine if these dates are suitable because it is beyond the coverage of the regular almanac. They will have to wait until some time in July 2010 for the next release of the almanac for the Tiger year.
    However, if the master is familiar with the actual calculations of the almanac by referring to the classical texts, then he will be able to calculate the dates for any future years and not tied down by the release date of the almanac. This is also why Master Chuan is able to calculate the auspicious date beyond the subsequent year or many after. In This case, Master Chuan can select wedding dates for 2009, 2010, 2011, etc.

    Why is it that the date that my master selected does not state as a good day for wedding in the almanac that I have checked?
    Similar to the explanation above, the almanac is not able to state all the events that are auspicious for each day due to the available printable space. Thus there will be times where the dates that a master gave you may not be stated as an auspicious date for wedding. On top of that, it also depends on the method of date selection that the master uses. At times, it may seem to be an ordinary day for others, when matched with birth date and time of the couple, it can be an extremely good date for them.

    Why is it that the market price range for auspicious wedding date selection can be so different from one master to another?
    When it comes to auspicious date selection, there are many level of complexity that a master can choose to approach it. Most of the time, the pricing is determined by the amount of time and effort needed for each selection. The key is not about how much does a master charges but more of how does the master select the dates. If it is simply selected by choosing the suitable dates for wedding ceremony (嫁娶) from the almanac, then the couple could have saved their money by going to any book shop and pay about $6 for a traditional almanac and select from there. The couple must be sure that the date is selected through proper consideration of the Four Pillar Chart (四柱八字) and avoid all possible clashes to the major stakeholders. On top of that, the other important principles of auspicious date selection has to be applied correctly too. Normally, wedding date selection is not an easy task. The more the number of stakeholders involved, the more difficult it is to select a date that will not clash with anyone. Thus it is very much more complex than what many belief it to be.

    What is your charges like for auspicious date selection?
    Please contact Master Chuan directly via email or mobile for details of charges.

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