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Changing of jobs

Changing of jobs? Should you?

One of the most common questions that I often get from my clients is, should I change my job right now? My most common answer is, you can change your job anytime you want. However, you will have to make sure that you do not make such decision hastily.?

In fortune telling, many people simply wanted to get some help in their decision making. However, it is often done in with a wrong expectation. For example, most people would expect the fortune teller to tell them if they should do this or that. The fact is that all fortune teller advise should only be used as a guide, and no matter what the final analysis is, it is up to a person to decide and not up to the fortune teller to direct what should be done.

Personally, I feel that all decision has to be made with a wholistic approach; meaning that you will not only need to consider what the metaphysical side of it says, but you will still need to make the decision based on logical and rational reasons. Making a huge decision like changing a job may seem to be simple for some, however, when it comes to some people, the conditions and restrictions can be a long list. Just to state a few of them, these are the common questions that a person should ask before changing a job:

  • Am I being rash in trying to quit my job?
  • How long can I go on without a job?
  • How long will my savings (if I have any) last without me having a job?
  • How long will it take for me to find a job?
  • Should I find a job first and then resign and switch over to the new job? Or should I just quit and search for a new job immediately?
  • What are the other financial commitments that I have which will affect how long I can go on without a job?
  • What are my skill sets and what is so special in me that others will want to employ me? (What are my unique selling propositions?)
  • *Why am I changing my job? Was it boring, too stressful, bad superior, bad colleagues, etc?
  • Will I have a better career prospect out there?
  • Is there a career prospect in my current job?
  • Will I be able to find a job with a better pay?
  • Can the new job give the same benefits as the current one besides the monthly salary? What about the total package?
  • Am I trying to avoid something by changing my job?
  • Was there something wrong that I did in the current job and I am trying to leave for good?
  • Was it a wrong job fit currently? Can I change to a new department or section?
  • What am I looking for if I am looking for a new job? (money, people, relationship, motivation, knowledge, career, challenge, ambition, dream, vision, etc.)
  • Is it the right timing for me to change now based on the situation I am in right now?
  • The basic four W and one H(four wifes and one husband), Who, When, Why, What, and How?
  • Is the job affecting my health?
  • Is it worth working so hard to earn lots of money and spend lots of money to see a doctor or is it wiser to work a less demanding job and earn less money but have a healthier body and peace of mind?

The list goes on...

These are some of the questions that fortune telling can readily answer:

  • When is the best time for me to leave my job and hunt for a new one?
  • Is it a right time to change my job now?
  • Should I come out my job to start a new business?
  • Am I suitable to start a business of my own?
  • Am I suitable to do a job that simply draws a salary?
  • What types of jobs are more suitable for me?
  • Should I work overseas or locally?
  • Which country should I go to if I want to work overseas?

At the end of the day even after so much consideration, and so much advises from the fortune teller, the final decision is still for you to decide. Others can only give advises, what ever decision you make is your choice and do not blame others if the decision was not the best. Each of us has a lesson to learn in different areas of our life and it is these lessons that make us stronger and wiser. After asking all the questions above and seek advise from various sources, at least when you look back, you know that you made a decision based on the best information that you have, at that moment.


*There are times where changing job is not just based on all the above questions but for practical reasons like health reasons or simply cannot continue to work in a specific company for all types of reasons. At times like these, even if it is a very unfavourable year to change job, changing job may be the most viable or logical thing to do. Then no matter what problem may persist, one can only plan ahead for the worst and cut any possible losses.

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