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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Education and Divination

How to use Bazi to strategise the correct way to educate your children

As many parents would agree, each individual child is different and will have different capabilities. At the same time, being parents, giving the best possible things one can afford to ones children is paramount to anything else. However, the common complaints that I heard from my clients will be that even though their children are going to the best possible school or the most expensive learning centres; they are still not doing very well in their school work. What can they do to help to make their children do better in school?

The first thing I often ask them will be, what do you think is the best way for your child to learn? Effective learning is not as simple as just teaching the child, it involves the following items:

  • Content quality
  • Delivery method
  • Absorption and digestion
  • Application and usage

Content quality

This is what most parents are paying for, the content that are certified and recognised by some authority as the correct syllabus or the relevant subjects and content for that particular topic. What goes into these content is beyond what fortune telling can alter.

Delivery method

There have been many psychological studies done in this area which recognises that everyone learn in a different way. Different delivery method appeals to different people differently. For example, a person who is more visual based will learn better with good presentation slides and may simply learn faster by watching a video. Whereas a person who is more kinesthetic based (prefer physical involvement) will learn better in an environment with more group involvement, discussions and group activities. Thus by knowing the basic personality of a child and determine the type of learning preference will help to optimise absorption and retention factor.

The birth date and time of a person will help to determine the personality traits and thus allow us to plan in advance the strategies to apply for different period of time in order to optimise learning capacity. In a person's life, we can determine when is the best time for a child to learn and also when is the best time for the child to work. At the same time, we can determine the line of work that suits or utilises the individual's potential best. For example, a man who is born in the following date and time 1st Sept 1976 (9.50am) is more suitable to learn about business as he will most probably end up doing business on his own in the future.

On the other hand, a lady born in the following date and time 3rd Feb 1981 (1.30am) is more suitable in jobs that are more systematic and methodical, like accountant and auditor. By having such guidelines on the personality, we can determine what type of subjects a child can be exposed to and give them relevant influence since young.

Besides the future of the child, we can also determine what type of learning style is more suitable. Should the parents pressurise the child with rules and targets or should the child be encouraged to relax and play? Should the child go for one on one tutoring or group tutoring? Is the father or the mother a better person to teach him? (The personality of the parents comes into play in this case too.) Will the child make it in the last minute cramming or should he study long before the test or exam? Should he study rigid subjects like accountancy and mathematics or should he study creative subjects like literature and art.

Each individual is different.

Parents only know how to teach the child in the best way they know, but is their est way they know?the correct way according to the personality of the child?

Some questions that parents always ask a fortune teller are:

  • My child is not doing well in school, what should I do?
  • How can I make my child study harder? Will enhancing his study star help?
  • Which part of my house do I need to put some ornaments?

Changing life needs the change of heart ( 改命先要改心 )

In a person's life, by activating the study star, generally it will help that person to improve the rate of study, ability to focus and concentrate better. However, if the luck cycle of that person is not in the correct learning cycle or in the attitude to learn, then we will have to use practical strategies to help a person to learn better. For example, if we know that the problem is boredom, then we will need to send the child to places where there is more stimulation like learning activities and projects and discussions in the curriculum. Whereas, for some children, they are able to learn and they like to learn, however, they are not able to articulate what they have learnt or not good at applying what they have learnt. When it is due to such problem, then a learning curriculum which encourages expression and application of skills will be required. Such way of applying the correct strategies to learning capabilities will help to optimise the capabilities of the child.

Most people will tend to undermine the capabilities of the application of ortune telling?in analysing the learning capabilities of a child. This is because fortune telling has traditionally been treated as a form of knowledge to tell about wealth and health. The truth is that Four Pillar Analysis (Bazi) can actually be used in determining the psychological aspect of a person and with the insight to the psychological make up of a person; we can use such information just like any psychological measurement tools available in the market. Common flaws in the psychological measurement tools is that it requires the person to be measured to do some form of self assessment or a third party to make the assessment based on their observations. Such assessment are very difficult to apply to children as children may not have the full language capacity to understand what is the questions asking about or may not be in the correct frame of mind to answer the questions correctly during the assessment. Thus by using a method that does not require any third party input nor the input from the subject will be the most objective and accurate. Four Pillar Analysis (Bazi) will be one of such tools that is not only accurate (between 70-95%); it is also fairly affordable compared to the common psychological measurement tools. However, the key is to be able to find a master who has the correct Four Pillar Analysis training and psychology background, who can correctly point out the effective strategies for the learning capabilities of the child.

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