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City Weekly Article on 23rd October 1998

Your life is in Chuan's Hand
There are few more fascinating subjects than the human psyche.
just what is responsible for our personality? Why can one's behaviour be so different from the next man?

The answers are complex but according to 24-year-old Lim Han Chuan a part-time character analyst and NUS graduate who majored in psychology and philosophy, some of the differences in people can at least be clearly seen in the hand.

Chuan, a Tanjong Pagar resident, is a palmist and he claims the hand is so closely linked to the brain that our characters are etched in the ridges, lines and shape of the palms.

Even couples who live together sometimes find they don't fully understand the other. Having their palms read can help them to better appreciate each other through a mutual awareness of character traits.

"Sometimes, it's just different psychological outlooks that prevent people from getting along.

If I see a 'bad' point, I try to advise people on how to conquer it. That's where my psychology training comes in, "

Chuan first became interested in palmistry while in National Service.

"I love reading up on mystical stuff and astrology, during my time in the army, I began to use my friends as guinea pigs.

"By reading people's palms, I got feedback that allowed me to analyse my theories and I learnt from that."

Going beyond the bounds of ordinary knowledge has never fazed him but he is aware of the responsibility it places on him.

"I know I can have a lot of influence on people. It's a very heavy responsibility and sometimes, with some people, you can't be too direct. "

For example, it may be more advisable to tell someone he is realistic rather than pessimistic, he said.

"Traits such as curiosity, will-power, sensitivity, vanity, pessimism, reason and imagination are all stamped on our hands," he said, "But denial is one of the most common."

He says a "good" palm is quickly identifiable: when you see a good palm, you just know it.

"There will be compassion, will-power, patience, open-mindedness, tact, resourcefulness, reason and good communication skills," he said.

By reading what he describes as the naturally "dominant" hand, a choice he makes after asking his subjects to bring their hands together as if in prayer, he claims to be able to produce a crystal?clear character reading.

"Most people just want confirmation of what they already know. "

He also claims an accuracy rate of around 70 per cent.

A regular at fund raising events where he attracts a lot of attention reading palms, Chuan said the most common questions he is asked are: "Will I be rich?" and "How long will I live?"

"Life is what you make of it and being rich is very subjective. A beggar will be rich with a million and a billionaire may say he has not gotten enough.

Source: City Weekly, Friday, October 23, 1998

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