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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Palmistry Services Charges

Palm reading (Events or Functions)

  • Short readings for a group of people at about 5-10mins each. Will cover basic information like character traits, health, work, mentality, etc.
  • Duration for engagement can be from 1hr to a full day
  • Charges are based on the number of hours of engagement.

Sample readings for Corporate Events 1(English)

Sample readings for Corporate Events 2 (Mandarin)

Palm reading (Private consultation)

  • Detailed one on one readings which covers information like character traits, love life, health, money, work, career, etc. Usually last about 45mins to 1hr.
  • Information and strategies on how to improve your life will be shared and which areas of life to be monitored will also be revealed.


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Please contact Chuan at 981 88 981 for charges details*

* Private consultations are available from
Mon-Fri 10am to 10pm,
Sat -Sun 9am to 8pm.
Strictly by appointments only.


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