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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Palmistry FAQ

Q: What is Palmistry?
A: Palmistry refers to the analysis of the palmar creases (lines), and sometimes ridges on the hand prints and also the shape of the hands. Together with the combination all these methods, it is believed that palmistry can "predict" the life and tell the personality of a person. However, palmistry engulfs a larger field than what is usually believed, it is not only a form of occult-science or an art of fortune-telling, it can be a form of philosophy depending on how you look at it.

Q: Is Palmistry fortune-telling?
A: Palmistry in strict sense is not fortune-telling, however, this depends on how you view the logic behind palmistry. The whole logic of palmistry is to use the lines and shapes of the hand to know the emotional and psychological makeup of a person. Palmistry can tell you what is reflected in your mind, consciously and unconsciously. From the palm we can tell the personality and natural tendencies (eg. stubborn, fast learner or ambitious, etc) and from there make assessment of the potentials. Basically it should be treated as a guide, not fortune-telling.

The other school of thought will argue that palmistry is in fact, fortune-telling. They will be able to predict things like accidents, marriage, health problems, wealth, etc. However, when you take this view very strongly, there is a very high chance for a misguided person to take it that everything is fated and there is no longer any freewill at play. Thus a person's life will just reveal in a way where you will have no control over it at all.

Personally, as a Character Analyst, I would want to say that there are certain things that we can "predict" and certain things that we can have control and change it. My final argument is always that no matter how accurate is which form of occult science in prediction, we should only use it to guide us and surf it like a wave. When you know the wave is coming, then you can take the momentum and ride on its peak so that you can travel further in life. When there is no wave coming, then you will need to put in more hard work to paddle harder.

Q: Can you make Predictions?
A: To me, predictions is not entirely possible as the palm is nothing but a map of your personality. However, things like what kind of jobs a person is more suitable and how healthy a person is can be easily evaluated upon the personality of a person. So, in that way, a little prediction is still possible.

Generally, predictions from the palm is not directly possible unless the person involved participate (whether consciously or unconsciously) in the process. This is because when a person believes in something, an unconscious cycle will reinforce the thoughts in the mind and ultimately happened in the way it has been expected. This is just like what most people call "self-fulfilling prophecy". Even if it is not totally to what has been expected, many will still tend to bias their conclusions towards their expectation. It is only a simple psychological effect in play. However, some predictions are really so amazing that it even beats me!

Q: Do lines change?
A: Yes, but there are a few things that are possible to change at the same time. The personality of the person will change together with the palm lines, if not at least the thinking of the person would have changed. The environment could have changed or something has caused a change in the life of the person. The logic is that the lines changes with the personality and thinking of a person, so if everything stays the same, the lines will not change even after 10 years. Practically, we change the way we think between 3 to 5 years, but a change in character in 3 months is also possible.

Q: Which hand do you read?
A: It is important to look at both hands during a reading. I usually perform a check for the naturally dominant hand by asking a person to cross the fingers of both hands together (just like a christian do when they were saying a prayer) and see which thumb is at the top and that hand will be the natural dominant hand. The natural dominant hand will be what you make and the other will be what you are born with, sort of like your past.

Q: Can you read your own palm?
A: Yes! Since I can read yours, so can I read mine! The general misunderstanding is that I'll not be able to read my own palm but the truth is, most people will be too biased to read their own palms. Because they will only see the good and be blinded from the bad things in their palms. To read your own palms, you have to be very objective and not to be biased. I always look at my own palm before I make any major decisions.

Q: How often should I read my palm?
A: Well, on the average I always tell people to do it after every 5 years just to keep yourself more aware of your personality. But frankly speaking, many of my clients come back to me every 1 or 2 years or when they need some advice on what they were doing.

Q: Why should a person have their palm read?
A: As I've mentioned, palm reading does not only tell you more about yourself, with a good palmist you can even get some very good advice on changing yourself to a better person and how to avoid making mistakes that you are not aware of. Besides, your palm can also tell you about how healthy you are and if you are under stress or have any health problems that are not given the attention that it should. A good palmist will not only able to tell you all these but may also provide you with good solutions in preventing and curing such health problems.

Q: How much should I believe in palmistry?
A: Palmistry can give very high accuracy (up to 95%), however, like any other form of divination, we will still need logical reasons for doing things. The best rule of thumb is to take whatever being said to be a guide, only in the back of your mind and not to take everything at face value. Or else you'll be into the vicious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Q: How can I learn about the subject?
A: Unfortunately in Singapore, there are no proper bodies to learn palmistry from. To start, one should try to use all the search engines available in the Internet and search for anything that has to do with palmistry or palm reading. Reading books alone is not enough, practice is the key. Read as many books as you can and read as many palms as you can. The most important thing is to get feedback from your guinea pigs and learn from your mistakes and what went wrong? Can there be a counter line that you missed? For encouragement, you must also find out what is correct and accurate and setup your own set of readings that is most accurate for yourself. That was how I learned. Currently, I'm writing up some collection of my own thoughts on how to begin learning palmistry in the most effective way. Will post it up once it is ready. Mean while, you can sign up for my mini-ebook to get some tips on palmistry.

Personally, I do conduct one on one palmistry classes (it only take two full days for the basic course). I also conduct group courses from time to time. If you are really interested in picking up this knowledge, drop me a mail and we can discuss the process of the course.

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