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 Feng Shui Palmistry Four Pillars

Master Chuan's Divination Knowledge History

Since young, occult science has been one of my favourite reading topics. I did not really get to know about palmistry until June 1992. I was drawn to a small book that teaches very little about palmistry. It has some very simple points about palmistry that after some casual observations, I have to agree that this form of art is true and accurate to a certain extent.

With this stimulus, I started to search for books on palmistry, collected and analysed its content. Some books do have conflicts on some of the readings and it was with the invaluable help of friends and colleagues (by letting me reading their palms and giving feed back), that I was able to derive a set of reading, that is very reliable. It is through continuous practice and getting feedback from people that after more than ten years of practice, I am able to achieve an accuracy of more than 85%.

After the first few years, I realised that my service was of not much use other than simply telling others what type of character traits they have. Thus, in order to value add to my service, I started reading and learning on the different topics like motivation, career planning, financial planning, time management, stress management, different major diseases, remedies for different health problems, communication skills, negotiation skills, relationships, children management, etc.

With the knowledge that I gain in all these topics, I started providing sound recommendations to my clients such that they can learn how to deal with the problems that they have and how to "change their life".

After practising Palm Reading for a few years, I realised that there are still many aspect of life that Palmistry cannot cover. I started to seek knowledge from many different Masters from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore on various knowledge like BaZi Analysis (Four Pillar Analysis), Feng Shui, Fortune Card Divination, etc. After many years of testing these ancient arts with modern changes and theories, I have deduced a set of readings that most accurate and powerful. I am actually very honoured to be blessed with such powerful knowledge that can allow me to help others easily.

Throughout the years, I've done many events for my clients and some are big events like SIBOS 2003 (the world's leading financial forum), The 25th ASM of the Singapore Orthopaedic Association 2002, The 26th ASM of the Singapore Orthopaedic Association 2003, "The Lucky Charm event in Singapore Changi International Airport", 2007 Logistic Convention in Munich for Schenker Logistic, or small events like a simple D & D pre-dinner event for various companies or even a simple birthday party. To date, I've read more than 6000 people's palm and with each additional palm I read, my knowledge grow even deeper.

Currently, armed with indepth knowledge on Palmistry, Feng Shui and Four Pillars, I sincerely hope that I can help others to find their way when they are lost and give them some advise that can make a difference in their lives.

Master Chuan
March 2008

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