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FAQ for U-Energy

What is U-Energy?

U-Energy is short for Universal Energy. It is a practice which uses universal energy for healing, cleansing, protection and many other purposes. The root of U-Energy actually comes from Reiki and Chinese Qi Gong. It integrates several sources of healing and universal energies (as all these energies are mutually coherent with each other) with the main intention for healing and general application.

There are many energy courses out there which teaches one to heal. However, there are very few which teaches you how to use these energies on other areas like space cleansing, self protection and connecting to your higher self. U-Energy tend to focus on such applications and thus it is not only a healing energy, it will help you to attain a wider scope of knowledge about energy.

Who discovered U-Energy?

Universal energy has been around since beginning of time. We can't say that it is discovered by who as it was available since thousands of years ago. The only thing we can say is that it was commonly used in the various names that many of you will be familiar with like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ren Dian Xue (人电学), Chang Sheng Xue (长生学), Mahamudra, Yoga, etc. All these teachings ultimately links to the Universal Energy. U-Energy is only a name to represent such usage of energy which is started by Master Chuan and Master Ng in 2010. The key intention is to teach its students to use energy in their daily life for purposes like healing, shielding, cleansing, etc.

What is the difference between U-Energy and other energy courses?

Many energy courses tend to focus on healing and personal training, U-Energy tend to focus on daily application. Of course, it will also include healing for others and oneself, it will also help you to open up your connection with your higher self in time to come. It also covers on how to identify positive and negative energies. In some cases, after some practices, students were also able to detect what is wrong with the body of a person even without touching them at all. U-Energy also teaches you how to be conscious about your own energy and the energy around you.

What can U-Energy be used for?

The usage of U-Energy is infinite. On a basic level, one can use it for healing, cleansing, shielding, protection, scanning, etc. Higher level of application can involve charging of your energy into other objects, usage of symbols, using energy to cleanse an area, securing the energy of a place or a group of people, etc.

Who can learn about U-Energy?

Anyone who is above 16 years old can learn U-Energy. As long as a person is able to focus his or her mind to read a book, he or she will be able to learn U-Energy.

Can U-Energy be used for healing?

Yes. U-Energy can be used for healing for others, and oneself. It can also be used for emotional healing at a more advanced level.

Can I use U-Energy to improve my own energy practice?

Yes you can. U-Energy can blend in with all other positive energy practices (which uses light as one of the main guide). It will help you to enhance your energies practices. At times, it may also help you to bring your energies practices to a higher level.

I have learned Reiki before, will there be any clash if I learn U-Energy?

U-Energy is a form of Universal Energy which blends well with any other positive energies practices (which uses light as the main guide). So far all of our students who have learned other form of energy courses have no problem in blending U-Energy with their other form of energy practices.

I have learned other form of energy practice before (Pranic healing, Mahamudra, Chinese Qi Gong, etc.) can I still learn U-Energy?

Yes you can. Since all these energy practices are part of the Universal Energy, they can coexist with U-Energy without any adverse effects.

Is U-Energy similar to meditation?

U-Energy may include meditation as part of the routine for self improvements and enhancement of one's energy level. However, it is not the same as the meditation in its entirety.

Must I do meditation if I learn U-Energy?

It is recommended that you should do regular meditation in order to improve your skills in U-Energy. However, you may also employ mental imagery instead of meditation in your practices. The key is that all energies are best performed with a calm and peaceful mind. With meditation, you can achieve such state very easily. This is why it is recommended that you practice meditation regularly as a way to help you to improve your skills in U-Energy.

How long will it take for me to master U-Energy?

Each individual are born with different abilities and it really depends on two factor for your rate of mastery. One will be your natural abilities to learn and apply, second will be how much do you practice. In general, it can be as short as one month, to as long as 3 years for you to be able to use U-Energy effectively. For a start, you will immediately be able to apply what you learn after the first lesson.

How many levels are there in U-Energy?

There are all together 4 levels in U-Energy.

  • The first level involves basic attunement and it covers topics on healing, usage of energy and how to do protection with energy.
  • Second level covers theories and practical application of energies to everyday life and how to do cleansing for objects and more advance level of healing.
  • The third level is actually optional, it teaches you how to see the aura of a person and other objects.
  • The fourth level involves advanced level of cleansing and meditation techniques. It will also teaches you on how to use symbols to enhance your application.

Is U-Energy related to any religion?

No, U-Energy is not related to any particular religious practices. You may be a follower of any religion and you can still learn U-Energy. We do not discriminate people from any religion from learning U-Energy. Everyone is treated as equal.

What can U-Energy do?

Living in this modern world, we are often being affected by many external and internal "forces" which will throw our original energy out of balance. Such forces can be in the form of illness, stress, poor diet, or emotional issues. U-Energy can help balance your life energy, and therefore help to heal any self-induced or stress related disorder. It can be administered by yourself or another practitioner as often as needed. There are no adverse reaction to the usage of U-Energy. U-Energy can help heal injuries, speed the process of recovery, and even assist in resolving emotional issues. U-Energy can help alleviate suffering, whether it is of a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual nature. U-Energy can stimulate improvement whether used in conjunction with either traditional or holistic medicine, or even all by itself.

U-Energy works with you to restore energy balance and repair things like blockages and clear the energy field that creates disease and unhappiness. The speed in which one can recover from any illness will depend very much on each individual. At times it may take one or two sessions of healing, at times, it may take many sessions for those long rooted problems. However, don’t be surprised if it alleviates the headache that no aspirin could cure, calms chronic conditions, etc., sometimes in a short period of time.

Besides healing, U-Energy can also help you to find peace in yourself when you constantly tuned yourself with this universal energy. It can also be used in cleansing objects with negative energies, or spaces with negative energies. When done correctly, it can also remove negative influences from environmental sources just like the way Feng Shui works. U-Energy can also help you in protecting yourself on an energetic level. This will prevent yourself from experiencing those tired or sleepy feeling when you visit certain places.

The usage of U-Energy is literally infinite and once you are attuned, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life. The source of these amazing energy comes from the universe and anyone is able to tap into it with a correct attunement.

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